/jobs2/soft/users/aselle/src/partio/src/lib/Partio.h File Reference

#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "PartioAttribute.h"
#include "PartioIterator.h"

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class  Partio::ParticlesInfo
 Particle Collection Interface. More...
class  Partio::ParticlesData
 Particle Data Interface. More...
class  Partio::ParticlesDataMutable
 Particle Mutable Data Interface. More...


namespace  Partio


typedef uint64_t Partio::ParticleIndex
 Opaque random access method to a single particle. No number is implied or guaranteed.


ParticlesDataMutable * Partio::create ()
 Provides an empty particle instance, freed with p->release().
ParticlesDataMutable * Partio::read (const char *filename)
ParticlesInfo * Partio::readHeaders (const char *filename)
void Partio::write (const char *filename, const ParticlesData &, const bool forceCompressed=false)
ParticlesData * Partio::readCached (const char *filename, const bool sort)
 Cached (only one copy) read only way to read a particle file.
void Partio::beginCachedAccess (ParticlesData *particles)
 Begin accessing data in a cached file.
void Partio::endCachedAccess (ParticlesData *particles)
 End accessing data in a cached file.
void Partio::print (const ParticlesData *particles)
 Prints a subset of particle data in a textual form.

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